Mossman combines signature
customer service with a total
dedication to build relationships
ever lasting.

About Mossman

With an unrivalled reputation as a no-nonsense solutions provider, civil, plant hire & construction is in Mossman’s blood. Director and founder Rami Adra grew up in a family well-versed in small-scale property development. So with an entire industry out there starving for quality builders & civil contractors, Rami knew he could leverage this experience into something much bigger.

In 2009 Rami took on the mantle of construction company and licensed builder, resulting in Mossman’s first multi-residential project in Epping. Over the following years of refining the team’s skills behind the scenes and on-site, a period of rapid growth occurred, both in the scale of jobs Mossman undertook the development of both construction & civil works with the overwhelming need for our expertise.

Mossman quickly built a reputation as a customer-focused solutions team with an uncompromising eye for quality. Once again they expanded their scope and vision, and now cater to the multi-residential and commercial markets, with a particular skill in providing a solution for every clients need.

Solutions Team
At the core of Mossman’s success is its team. A dedicated crew of like-minded individuals comprises the engine room of the company, each taking great pride in their role while functioning with streamlined interdependence. Constant training empowers them to focus on industry-leading quality solutions, and their track record of success after success speaks for itself. What’s more, Mossman’s people stick around; Mossman doesn’t just build on business, after all—it builds careers.

By remaining flexible, and focusing on the client’s needs, the Mossman team brings its expertise to bear to solve any issue.

It’s part of why many Mossman’s clients refer to them as the best civil contractors they have ever used, from service to solutions.

Continued Growth
In a few short years, Mossman has completed hundreds of projects across Melbourne, carrying millions of dollars worth of equipment & overseeing more than 20 carefully vetted subcontractors. Rami and the team love what they do, and it shows. The relationships they build with clients are genuine and lasting. With plans to expand nationally and become one of Australia’s leading and most respected civil & plant hire contractors, Mossman makes itself the same promise it makes customers: to be the best, without limits.